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The real-world Guide for writing a killer CV

Top 10 tips for writing a CV

10 steps to a good CV

  • Consider the bigger picture
    • Making sure that your digital presence is up-to-date, accurate and consistent is important as most potential employers will take a look at your information on the internet. Make sure that any social website that you don’t want them to see has up-to-date privacy settings or even remove it. Google yourself and see what come up and ensure that there is nothing that could reflect badly on you. Don’t miss your chance to play on the site kasyno bonus powitalny bez depozytu. You will be satisfied!
CV Templates Top 10
  • Keep it short
    • Be ruthless when it comes to your CV. Make sure it highlights the key points that can interest a potential employer without the requirement of reading the CV in detail. One page is an ideal length for a CV as most employers will just glance over it. You have to play and get great bonuses in 50 freispiele ohne einzahlung book of dead here. Don’t miss your chance to become more rich.
  • Get the basics right
    • List your work experience in reverse order as what you have done recently is more important then what you did at the beginning. Explain any gaps. You’ll find the best slot bonanza free here, you have time to get it!
    • Keep contact details short and to the point.
    • Check that the spelling and grammar is good.
  • Represent yourself accurately
    • Represent all the personal and professional information that is relevant to the job accurately.

  • How does it look
    • Think about the impression that you want your CV to give potential employers. Using a nice typeface, a good structure and a dash of colour can change a bland Cv to an interesting one.

  • Achievements over responsibilities
    • There is no point in adding detail about previous responsibilities, unless they are unfamiliar to the job that you are applying for. Conveying your achieves such as quality of work, personal contribution, profitability and what you are most proud of instead as this is very positive and highlight your good attributes.

  • Personal profile
    • A good personal statement can be very effective but can be very hard to write. Avoid the clichés such as ’a good team player that is happy to work independently’ and avoid using third person.

  • Making your interests interesting to others
    • Your interests are interesting to potential employers if they portray something about your personality, are particularly memorable or are incredibly relevant to a future employer. Portraying that you occasionally go to the cinema and like travelling won’t interest a potential employer but saying something unusual such as making your own clothes can make you stand and makes the reader intrigued.

  • Feedback
    • Read your CV like a potential employer would, being critical and unapologetic. No employer will see a spelling mistake as just you having a bad day. Getting someone else to read it can help as they may spot something that you wouldn’t.

  • Cover letter
    • Write a good cover letter that is addresses by name or authority to the person who is in charge of the recruiting of the chief of the organisation. The cover letter should cover in two to 5 lines why you would suit the job, showcasing your best talents that match the requirements of the job. Add a little extra to make it different.

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